Archive: Yogurt Mill Update Pages for 2017

We’re compiling our weekly Yogurt Mill Friday Night Update Pages at this location so we can capture the entire season in one place. Enjoy …




Stagg Delta Kings 42 at McNair Eagles 16 FINAL

1Q: McNair 7’s Rafael Lara 28 yd TD to ISAIAH REDIC.

2Q: Stagg’s Cameron Deville 12yd TD pass to Dominique James.

3Q: Stagg’s Cameron Deville 20 TD pass to Keith Smith. Stagg’s Cameron Deville 27yd TD pass to Dominique James. McNair records safety after ball carrier tackled in end zone.

4Q: McNair’s Andrew Hem 20yd TD pass from Rafael Lara. Stagg’s Johnny Brownlee 80 yd TD pass from Deville.  Stagg RB Lee Webb scores on 12yd TD run.



Buhach Colony Thunder 40 at Merced Bears 18 FINAL

1Q: BC 33-yard FG. Merced’s Garrett Egan 59-yard TD run. Merced’s second turnover sets up BC’s Isaiah Long TD run.

2Q: BC’s Abrams pass to Dobbins for a 22-yard TD.

3Q: BC’s Thomas TD .  Merced TD.

4Q: BC’s Abrams 28-yard FG. Merced fumbles the kickoff return and that leads to BC’s Owen Thomas TD run.  Thomas’ 3 TD of night.

BUHACH Colony clinches playoff berth

El Capitan Gauchos 27 at Pitman Pride 50 FINAL

Turlock Bulldogs 56 at Atwater Falcons 0 FINAL

1Q: Turlock’s Tyler Etharidge 42 yd TD. Turlock’s Jonah Kosakeiwicz 12 yd TD. Kosakeiwicz pass to Etharidge 38 yd TD.

2Q: Etharidge 5 yd TD. Dominic Nunes 40 yd punt return for TD.

3Q: Lucas Curtis 50 yd TD. Gabriel Cordero 54 yd TD.

4Q: Garret Fountain 39 yd TD.


Central Catholic Raiders 42 at Lathrop Spartans 6. FINAL

Sierra Timberwolves 17 at East Union Lancers 41 FINAL

1Q: EU’s Levi Huffman 22 yard TD Run.

2Q: EU 15 yard TD rush by QB Jojo Espinosa off a fake sweep. Jojo Espinosa with a QB keeper 1-yard TD Run. EU’s Isaiah Sholund 46-yard rushing TD.

3Q: Sierra 35-yard TD catch.

4Q: EU 5 yard TD rush Huffman

Manteca Buffaloes 60 at Weston Ranch Cougars 14 FINAL

1Q: Manteca scores in first 12 seconds of game. Weston TD.  More Manteca scores.

2Q: Manteca TDs, including Pick 6.

Oakdale Mustangs 42 at Kimball Jaguars 0 FINAL

1Q: Oakdale’s Mustangs Cherry 15 yard TD catch and run. Oakdale’s Oscar Ramos 6 yard TD run.

2Q: Oakdale’s Ramos 1 yard TD.

3Q: Oakdale’s Jace Krick INT leads to a Bronson Harmon 6 yard rushing TD. Jacobson 1 yard rushing TD.

4Q Toledo 2 yrd rushing TD


Ceres Bulldogs 23 at Livingston Wolves 47 FINAL

2Q: Livingston’s Mendoza to Guzman for TD from 30 yards out.

4Q: Livingston’s Guzman TD.  Livingston’s Lopez 5 yard TD.

Pacheco Panthers 23 at Central Valley Hawks 0 FINAL

2Q: Pacheco’s Aric Barton 16 yard TD. Pacheco TD.

3Q: Pacheco field goal.

4Q: Pacheco’s Ronnie Garcia TD.

Patterson Tigers 47 at Los Banos Tigers 7 FINAL

1Q: Patterson’s Sanchez to James Perez, 14 yd Td Pass.  Sanchez to Bond. 33 yd TD pass; PAT  by Godinez. Patterson’s Jacob Vainuku run for a 35 yd TD.

2Q: Patterson’s Phabian Portillo 5 yd run TD.  LB’s Kendrick Bond 8 yard run for a td.

3Q: Patterson’s James Perez 10 yard TD catch from Sanchez.

4Q: Patterson’s Joseph McGarry 5yd TD.. LB touchdown. Patterson’s Caballero to Castillo for TD.


Lincoln Trojans 55 at Tokay Tigers 10 FINAL

Lodi Flames 26 at West Wolfpack 14 FINAL

1Q: Lodi’s Cole Brooks runs in TD.

Tracy Bulldogs 14 at St. Mary’s Rams 35 FINAL

1Q: St. Mary’s Marcus Aponte 1-yard TD run capping an 8-play, 75-yard drive.  Tracy 20 yard TD pass to WR Vasquez.

2Q: St. Marys 1 yard TD run by Aponte. St. Marys 20 yard TD pass from Aponte to Nico Reise.
3Q: St. Mary’s Dusty Frampton 8-yard TD run.  Tracy’s Xavier Moore 37-yard TD catch from Logan Fife. St. Mary’s Dusty Frampton   4-yard TD.


Modesto Panthers 38 at Downey Knights 28 FINAL

1Q: MoHi 20 yd rushing TD by Ryan Henriques.

2Q: Downey’s Malachi Butler recovers bad pit in  end zone for TD. MoHi’s Annika Blom’s 25-yard FG. Downey’s Jairol Harris-Red catches 44-yd TD pass from Bryce Peterson.  Modesto’s Norvale Howard pass to Colton Cruce for a 23 yd TD.

3Q: MoHi’s Norvale Howard pass to Alejandro Verduzco for 69-yd TD. Downey 1-yd TD run by Miles Lewis.

4Q: MoHi’s Norvale Howard 49 yard TD.  Downey’s Bryce Peterson pass to Miles Lewis for 11 yd TD. MoHi’s Ryan Henriques 31 yd TD.

Enochs Eagles 44 at Johansen Vikings 14 FINAL

Davis Spartans 14 at Gregor Jaguars 41 FINAL


Bear Creek Bruins 20 at Franklin Yellowjackets 27 FINAL

Chavez Titans 48 at Edison Vikings 70 FINAL


Escalon Cougars 14 at Ripon Indians 32 FINAL

2Q: Ripon’s Roland Davis scores TD on 77 yard return after blocked field goal try.

4Q Ripon’s Dagget QB sneak for TD.

Hilmar Yellowjackets 6 at Modesto Christian Crusaders 41 FINAL

1Q: Hilmar 47 yd TD pass to Carter Acevedo. PAT missed. Hilmar 6-0. MC’s Davion Gates 9yd TD; Hernandez’s PAT is good. MC’s Paul Puaauli 1 yd TD.

2Q: MC’s Davion Gates TD from 3 yds. MC’s Kio Long intercepts pass and runs 40 yds for touchdown.

3Q: MC’s Isaac Schinmann TD .

Hughson Husikes 38 at Mountain House Mustangs 32 FINAL IN OT 

2Q: MH’s Vladik Sutherland 62 yard punt return for TD. Hughson’s Josh Megee 5 yard TD pass to Cameron Ellak. MH’s Mitch Fontenot 24 yard TD pass to Vladik Sutherland.

3Q: Hughson’s Carlos Arreola 38 yard rushing touchdown.

4Q: Hughson’s Carlos Arreola 30 yard rushing touchdown and a good 2 point conversation makes this game 26-26. MH’s Vladik Sutherland 3 yard rushing touchdown.  Carlos Arreola 30 yard rushing touchdown and a good 2 point conversation makes this game 32-32.


Denair Coyotes 14 at Delhi Hawks 28 FINAL

1Q: Denair’s Winston 97 yard touchdown run. Delhi TD.

2Q: Delhi 4 yard TD. Denair’s Hunter Musgrave 73 yard TD.

4Q: Delhi’s Anthony Mejia 1yd TD run. Delhi 64 yard TD.  Denair player De Silva injured and taken off in ambulance.

Le Grand Bulldogs 13 at Gustine Reds 35 FINAL

1Q: Gustine’s O. Perez 13 yard TD run; PAT by O. Perez.

2Q: Gustine’s B. Garbez 5 yard TD pass from T. Flores; PAT by O. Perez. Gustine’s B. Villalobos 4 yard TD run; PAT by O. Perez.

3Q: LG’s M. Dinkins 39 yard TD pass from A. Marquez; PAT by M. Menera. Gustine’s B. Garbez 1 yard TD run; PAT by O. Perez. LG’s M. Dinkins 14 yard TD pass from A. Marquez.

4Q: Gustine’s O. Perez 56 yard TD run; PAT by O. Perez.

Waterford Wildcats 27 at Orestimba Warriors 44 FINAL

1Q:  Orestimba scores TD on tipped interception.

Ripon Christian Knights 35 at Mariposa Grizzlies 20 FiNAL

1Q: RC’s Max Steele rushing TD.

3Q: RC’s Michael Solario Interception sets the Knights up for a 1 yd Kamps TD rush.


Argonaut Mustangs 44 at Linden Lions 0 FINAL

Calaveras 26 at Amador Buffaloes 10 FINAL

1Q: Calaveras’ Tanner Joses TD.

2Q: Calaveras 27 yard TD pass from Kyle Byrd to Logan Arledge.

3Q: Calaveras’ Tanner Joses TD.

4Q: Calaveras’ Kyle Byrd 35 yard TD pass to Tanner Jones.

Summerville Bears 47 at Bret Harte Bullfrogs 21 FINAL


Brookside Christian Knights 20 at Big Valley Christian Lions 42 FINAL

Millennium Falcons 18 at Stone Ridge Christian Lions 38 FINAL

1Q: Stone Ridge TD.

2Q: SR 42yd FG.  SR’s Bryce Louters TD pass to Luke Jenkins.

3Q: Millennium’s Caden Duke to Josiah Johnson for a 63yd TD to start the 2nd half.



Sierra Ridge Rams at Turlock Christian Eagles (Hilmar High), 7 pm







Mountain House Mustangs 34 at Escalon Cougars 49 FINAL

1Q: Escalon’s Elliott Mello 2-yd TD run caps Game-opening drive. Escalon’s Kaden Christensen 23yd TD run sweep right. ( 2 possessions, 2 TDs and 175+yards offense for Cougars.)

2Q: Escalon’s Steve Grossi 39yd TD toss to Max Nicholas. MH’s Jesse Jordan with the 9yd QB keeper for TD after 50-yard rumble by Vladimir Sutherland. Escalon’s Elliot Mello 5yd TD run – after Karen Christensen 60-yd run (fumbled at 2, but recovered). Escalon’s Kaden Christensen 40yd TD run in sweep left.  MH’s Jesse Jordan 28yd pass to Sam Olsen for TD with 8 seconds in the first half.

Halftime STATS: Escalon’s Kaden Christensen with 5 carries for 165 yards and 2 TDs..

3Q Mt House TD run and then Jesse Jordan 2pt pass to Sam Olsen. Escalon’s Elliot Mello 27yd TD run. MH’s Westin Birks 3yd TD run and 2pt play is good.

4Q: MH’s Birks 6 yard TD.  Escalon’s Kaden Christensen 6 yard TD.



Modesto Christian Crusaders 42 at Ripon Indians 41 FINAL

1Q:  Ripon’s Michael Winters run 71 yards, then Machado score on 1 yard TD . Machado scores on a 2 yard TD run.  MC’s Paul Puaauli rushes 21 yds for TD. MC’s  Puaauli scores another TD.

2Q: MC’s Davion Gates with a long TD. MC touchdown by Patrick Garcia.

3Q: Ripon’s Machado TD. MC’S Davion Gates runs 47 yards for TD.

4Q: Ripon QB keeper for TD. MC’s Paul Puaauli scores touchdown. Ripon’s Dylan Sexton catches TD pass.  Ripon’s Gaalswyk catches a 16 yd TD pass from Dagget. Ripon misses extra pt.

Hilmar Yellowjackets 29 at Hughson Huskies 19 FINAL

1Q: HUG’s Cameron Ellak 1 yard rushing touchdown(Kick Good By Elmer Ochoa). HIL’s kickoff returned by Isaac Sharp 85 yard return for TD (Two Run Conversion No Good).
2Q: HIL’s Tristan Crowley pass to Carter Azevedo for 13 yard TD (Kick Good By Bryan Millan). HIL’s 43 yard field goal kick by Bryan Millan good.
3Q: HIL’s Isaac Sharp 10 yard TD run (Kick No Good by Bryan Millan).  HUG’ s Cameron Ellak 2 yard TD run (Kick No Good by Elmer Ochoa) HIL’s Tristan Crowley 22 yard TD pass to Carter Azevedo (Kick No Good by Bryan Millan).
4Q: HUG’s Josh Megee 21 yard TD pass to Damien Contreras (Two Point Pass Conversion No Good).


Pitman Pride 14 vs. Buhach Colony Thunder 27 FINAL

1Q: BC’s Abrams 17 yd TD pass to Lavon Wallace, and Abrams 2 pts conversion.  Pitman recovers fumbled punt by BC and scores with 1 play drive on 40-yard TD pass by Treyton. BC’s Abrams second TD pass to Isaiah Long.

2Q: Abrams’  third TD pass to Bernardi.

3Q: Pitman QB Treyton Fair pass to Keoni Souza for 32-yard TD.

4Q: Abrams scores on QB sneak from 1 yard out.

El Capitan Gauchos  14 vs. Merced Bears 56 FINAL

1Q: Merced TD. Merced’s Garrett E. in for TD. Merced’s Warren 28 yard TD pass to Stewart.

2Q: Merced’s Warren 5 yard TD run. EC’s Tanori 59 yard TD run.

3Q: Merced’s Warren with his third TD run.

Atwater Falcons 14 at Golden Valley Cougars 13 FINAL

1Q:  Atwater 1st play of the game 79 yard TD run by sophomore Charles Jackson.

2Q: Two field goals for GV.

3Q: GV’s Jakob Rodriguez with a 1 yard TD run.


Weston Ranch Cougars 12 at Central Catholic Raiders 70 FINAL

East Union Lancers 21 at Lathrop Spartans 0 FINAL

1Q:  EU’s Alex Alexander  7 yard TD run. Lathrop fumbles, EU recovers, drives down & scores on 23 yard TD pass from Espinosa to Huffman

4Q: EU’s Levi Huffman with a 40 TD Run.

Kimball  Jaguars 6 at Manteca Buffaloes 51 FINAL

1Q:  Manteca’s Jacob DeJesus takes the opening kickoff 99 yards for TD. Manteca sophomore Trabron Russell scores on TD toss.   DeJesus takes a punt to the house for TD. Manteca’s Frisby runs for TD.

2Q: Manteca’s Russell scores another TD.

Sierra Timberwolves 6 at Oakdale Mustangs 48 FINAL


Los Banos Tigers 50 vs. Central Valley Hawks 29 FINAL

1Q: LB’s Antonio Lopez 10 yard TD.

3Q LB’s Caballero to Speedy for 61 yard TD.  LB 60-yard TD pass.  LB’s Ferreira kicks field goal. CV touchdown.

4Q LB touchdown. CV 17-yard TD by Efrain Garcia. LB touchdown, then recovers onside kick and scores another TD.

Livingston Wolves 14 at Pacheco Panthers 35 FINAL

1Q: Shane Barton from 38 yard TD.

2Q: Shane Barton 5 yard TD. Pacheco’s Aric Barton 53 yard TD run.

4Q: Pacheco’s Aric Barton runs another for 57 yard TD.

Ceres Bulldogs 12 at Patterson Tigers 56 FINAL

1Q: After  a Ceres TD in the first minute of the game, Patterson throws a 10-yd TD pass from Sanchez to Otikutunda, followed by a  PAT by Alan Godinez.  Ceres TD. Patterson’s Kendrick Bond 5 yd rushing TD. Patterson 85 yard TD pass from Sánchez to Bond.  Bond scores his 3rd TD of 1st Qtr. on 1 yd rush.

2Q Patterson’s Sánchez to Perez 10 yd TD pass. Patterson’s Jacob Vainuku 1 yd TD rush. Sanchez to Perez 45 yd TD pass.

Halftime stats: Patterson 193 yards passing.


Franklin Yellowjackets 20 at Chavez Titans 48 FINAL

McNair Eagles 50 at Edison VIkings 43 FINAL

McNair 4 yard TD pass to WR Hem. Edison 34 yard TD run by WR Evans. Edison 26 yard TD pass to WR Zachery. McNair 18 yard TD run by RB Oyewole. McNair 17 yard TD pass to Valdez. Edison 11 yard TD run by RB Whatley.  McNair 17 yard TD pass to WR Valdez. Edison 7 yard TD run by RB Whatley. McNair 24 yard TD pass to WR Hem. McNair 12 yard TD pass to WR Hem. Edison QB Raya sneak for TD.  McNair 51 yard TD pass WR Redic. Edison4 yard TD run by RB Whatley and a two point conversion. McNair 4 yard TD run by QB Lara.

Bear Creek Bruins 14 at Stagg Delta Kings 21 FINAL


Lincoln Trojans 56 vs. Lodi Flames 0 FINAL

Halftime stats: Lodi had 245 total offensive yards, Lincoln 306 yards.

West Wolfpack 6 at St. Mary’s Rams 50 FINAL

Tokay Tigers 0 at Tracy Bulldogs 62 FINAL

1Q: Tracy’s Fife to Buckhanan for TD on first drive. Two more Tracy TDs.

2Q: Tracy’s Carlos Vasquez with a punt return for TD.


Beyer Patriots 41 vs. Davis Spartans 30 FINAL

2Q: Beyer 8 yd rushing TD by Seth Van Slyke. Davis 20 yard passing TD. Beyer’s Ben Polack to Brandon Gray for a 6 yd TD. Davis’  Xavier Rodriguez pass to Jayconiah Nglam for a 25 yd TD. Beyer’s Seth Van Slyke 18 yd rushing TD.

3Q: Davis field goal. Beyer’s Ben Polack with the QB keeper for a 1yd TD.

4Q: Davis’ Ryan Viodes 17 yd TD pass to Jayconiah Nglam.  Beyer field goal. Davis 35 yd TD pass from Xavier Rodriguez to Ryan Viodes.  Beyer’s Ben Polack pass to Jacob Flores for a 21 yd TD.

Downey Knights 55 at Johansen Vikings 24. FINAL

Gregori Jaguars 47 vs. Enochs Eagles 15 FINAL

4Q: Gregori 37 Yard TD pass from Bobby Avina to Marcello Longstreth (Avina’s 4th TD pass).

GAME STATS: Gregori’S Aviña 4 TD passes; Sanchez 3 TDs; Longstreth 1 TD; Medrano 2 rushing TDs.


Delhi Hawks 11 at Le Grand Bulldogs 12 FINAL

1Q: Delhi’s V. Ambriz 23 yard field goal.

2Q: LG’s  A. Marquez 2 yard TD run. PAT failed.

3Q: LG’s M. Dinkins 6 yard TD pass from B. Marquez. PAT failed.

4Q: Delhi’s K. Nieto 18 yard TD pass from A. Miranda. CONV good

Game NOTES: Michael Dinkins caught a 41-yard pass in the third to set up his own TD catch from Alberto Marquez. Dinkins won the tug of war for the ball in the air.  Bulldog D had to hold after Miranda caught Kevin Nieto with a TD and conversion late in the fourth, then the Hawks perfectly executed the onside kick. Adam Sanchez and Joshua Maldonado led a key stop on fourth and short to stop Delhi’s last attempt. LG’s Johnathan Maldonado ran for 89 yards on 15 carries.

Waterford Wildcats 19 at Mariposa Grizzlies 44 FINAL

1Q: Mariposa TD. Waterford’s Vivo TD run. Mariposa TD.

2Q Waterford’s Vivo passing TD.  Another Vivo passing TD.

3Q: Mariposa TD. Another Mariposa TD.

Orestimba Warriors 58 at Denair Coyotes 20 FINAL

Gustine Redskins 20 at Ripon Christian Knights 6 FINAL


Amador Buffaloes 34 at Bret Harte Bullfrogs 27 FINAL

Linden Lions 12 at Sonora Wildcats 56 FINAL

Summerville Bears 42 at Argonaut Mustangs 37 FINAL

1Q: Summersville TD on opening drive. Argonaut TD.

3Q: Summersville’s Esquivel TD.


Turlock Chr Eagles 6 at Millennium Falcons 12 FINAL

Brookside Christian Knights 50, Stone Ridge Rams 0 FINAL


Delta Charter 0 at Big Valley Christian Lions 62 FINAL

Stone Ridge Christian 22 over Golden Sierra 14 FINAL

Delta Saints 13 at Riverbank Bruins 14 FINAL




Valley Oak League

Manteca Buffaloes 15 at Oakdale Mustangs 36 FINAL

1Q: Manteca’s QB Gino Campiotti passto Sophomore Jacob DeJesus for TD; 2 pt run by Campiotti.

2Q: Oakdale’s Josh Jacobson punches in from 1 and then Bronson Harmon 2pt run.. Oakdale’s Marc Dickson 22yd TD pass to Hunter Falconi.

3Q: Oakdale’s Marc Dickson 1yd QB sneak after LB Jace Crick forced a fumble.

4Q: Oakdale’S Marc Dickson 41yd TD PASS to Hunter Falconi. Manteca’s QB Gino Campiotti 8yd TD pass to Kyle Rachels. Oakdale’s Cameron Cherry 35 yard rushing TD.


Valley Oak League

Central Catholic Raiders 55 at East Union Lancers 7 FINAL

1Q:CC scores three TDs and field goal.

2Q:  More CC scores.  EU’s Booker 23 yard TD.

Lathrop Spartans 21 at Sierra Tumberwolves 20 FINAL

1Q; Sierra’s Larenz Redd 1 yard TD rush.

2Q: Sierra’s Stanley 67 yard TD pass to Redd. Lathrop’s Ramos 45 yard TD rush, PAT blocked.

3Q: Sierra’s Romeo Sesma 62 yard TD pass from Nick Stanley. Lathrop’s Michael Ramos 4 yard TD run followed by Justin Manuel conversion run.

4Q Lathrop’s Keonnee Linnell on 1-yard TD on QB keeper. Mads Boellert’s PAT good.

Kimball Jaguars 41 at Weston Ranch Cougars 0 FINAL

Central California Conference

Buhach Colony Thunder 60 at El Capitan Gauchos 13 FINAL

1Q: Buhach Colony scores on opening kickoff. 2pt conversion good. BC’s Buttrey TD.   After a BC, El Capitan’s Jacob Tanori 12-yard TD run. BC 9 yard TD run. 2pt conversion good.

2Q: BC’s Quiralte TD, his second TD of the night.

3Q: BC’s Owen Thomas 1-yard TD.

4Q El Cap’s Moreno 32-yard TD run in final play.

Pitman Pride 39 at Atwater Falcons 0 FINAL

1Q Fumble recovery by Reyes puts Pitman on the 6-yd line; Stout runs it in for TD on following play.

2Q: Reyes 9-yd rushing TD. Fumble recovery by Pitman’s Bickle , followed by 25-yard FG. Pitman 45-yd run by Bass to 5yd line; Partida w/ 4-yd rush, then Reyes 1-yd run for TD.  Pitman’s Sonny Uppal throws a 26-yd TD pass to Borrelli.

Golden Valley Cougars 0 at Turlock Bulldogs 38 FINAL

1Q: Turlock’s Etharidge 29 yd TD. Turlock’s Kosakeiwicz 9 yd TD. Turlock’s Cordero 13 yd TD.

2Q: Turlock’s Kosakeiwicz pass to Porter for 55 yd TD.

Tri-City Athletic League

West Wolfpack 0 at Lincoln Trojans 56 FINAL

1Q: Lincoln recovers fumble on kickoff, followed by Will Jones TD. Lincoln 17 yard TD pass to WR Bass. Lincoln 28 yard TD pass to WR Pollard.

2Q Lincoln 43-yard TD pass from Gaines to Bass. Lincoln 4 yard TD pass to WR Bass.  Lincoln scores on a 4 yard run by RB Pollard.

Halftime Stat: Lincoln scored on every possession during first half.

3Q: Lincoln’s Pollard 82 yard TD run.

4Q Lincoln’s RB Russell on 77 yard TD run.

St. Mary’s Rams 62 at Tokay Tigers 0 FINAL

Lodi Flames 0 at Tracy Bulldogs 35  FINAL

Modesto Metro Conference

Downey Knights 40 at Beyer Patriots 28 FINAL

1Q: Beyer’s Ben Polack 3 yard TD run. PAT good.

2Q Downey’s Bryce Peterson 1 yard TD run and runs in 2pt. Bryce Peterson pass to Jairol Harris-Red for 36 yard TD. Beyer’s Brandon Gray 31 yard TD run. Beyer’s Ben Polack 10 yard TD run.  Downey’s Miles Lewis 3 yard TD run. Downey’s Bryce Peterson pass to Jairol Harris-Red 41 yard TD.

3Q: Beyer’s Ben Polack 30 yard TD run. Downey’s Bryce Peterson 1 yard TD run.

Johansen Vikings 6 at Gregori Jaguars 54 FINAL

Game Stat: Gregori’s Bobby Aviña 4 TD passes with an 80 yard TD pass to Marcello Longstreth.

Modesto Panthers 21 at Enochs Eagles 3 FINAL

San Joaquin Athletic Association

Edison Vikings 30 at Bear Creek Bruins 31 FINAL

4Q Edison’s Jordan Whatley goes 85 yds for TD

Chavez Titrans 48 at McNair Eagles 72 FINAL

Stagg Delta Kings 40 at Franklin Yellowjackets 20 FINAL

Western Athletic Conference

Central Valley Hawks 28 at Livingston Wolves 19 FINAL

1Q: CV touchdown.

2Q Livingston w/ the QB keeper TD from 1 yd out.

3Q: Livingston scores on long TD pass. CV’s Estevan Barragan 21 yd TD run.

4Q CV’s Nasson Sanchez w/ his 2nd TD tonight, 5 yd run. CV’s Barragan 10 yd TD.

Los Banos Tigers 48 at Ceres Bulldogs 20 FINAL

1Q: LB’s A Shelly interception from a deflected pass run back to the 2 yd mark, followed by a TD by Lopez.  Ceres TD.

2Q: LB’s Caballero pass to sophomore Ramos for 73 yard TD.

3Q: LB’s Caballero TD pass to Calderon.

4Q: LB’s Caballero pass to Speedy for a 75 yard TD.

Patterson Tigers 55 at Pacheco Panthers 19. FINAL

1Q: Patterson’s Jacob Vainuku 1 yd TD rush on opening drive; PAT  by Alan Godinez. Patterson’s Sánchez pass to Perez 15 yd TD; PAT is good.

2Q: Pacheco 43-yard field goal. Patterson’s Sánchez pass to Bond for 80 yd TD. Sánchez pass to Perez for TD. Patterson’s Sánchez pass to Portillo for 20 yard TD. Pacheco 39 yard field goal by Rivera.

3Q: Patterson’s Joe Okitukunda 22 yd TD reception on the Sanchez pass.

4Q: Patterson’s Nate Garcia 10 yd TD run. Pacheco’s Barton TD pass to Winters.

GAME STAT: Patterson’s James Perez, 3 TD receptions. 68 receiving yards

Trans-Valley League

Escalon Cougars 28 at Hilmar Yellowjackets 14 FINAL

1Q: No score.

2Q Escalon TD.

3Q Escalon 10 yd TD run

Hughson Huskies 7 at Modesto Christiam Crusaders 29 FINAL

1Q: Hughson’s Carlos Arreola 16 yd TD.

2Q: MC’s Isaac Schinmann 3 yard TD.

4Q: MC’s Davion Gates scores after a Kioa Long interception.

Ripon Indians 33 at Mountain House Mustangs 21 FINAL

1Q: MtH scores. Ripon TD.

3Q: Ripon’s Michael Winters 66 yard TD run. Michael Winters 34 yard TD run.

4Q: Ripon 20 yard TD pass from Daggett to Raygoza.

Southern League

Delhi Hawks 29 at Waterford Wildcats 30 FINAL

1Q: Waterford’s Ramirez TD run.

2Q: Delhi TD.

4Q Wildcats scoreS 16 points in 44 seconds with an onside kick late in 4th quarter to comeback and win.

Mariposa Grizzlies 10 at Gustine Reds 28 FINAL

Le Grand Bulldogs 6 at Orestimba Warriors 52 FINAL
1Q Orestimba scores: U. Madrigal 27 FG;  T. Bolden 5 yard TD run; PAT by Madrigal

2Q Orestimba scores: Bolden 2 yard TD run; PAT by Madrigal; T. Vargas 71 TD catch on pass from J. Bettencourt; PAT by Madrigal. Le Grand scores:  M. Dinkins 72 yard TD pass from A. Marquez.

3Q Orestimba scores: J. Sheldon 26 yard TD pass from Bettencourt; PAT by Madrigal;  Vargas 65 yard TD pass from Bettencourt; PAT by Madrigal; Bolden 3 yard TD run; PAT by Madrigal.

4Q Orestimba’s S. Meza 11 yard TD run; PAT by Madrigal.

Denair Coyotes 14 at Ripon Christian Knights 36 FINAL

1Q: RC scores. Denair’s D Blake TD.

4Q RC’S Kamps scores his 3rd and 4th TDs.

Mother Lode League

Amador Buffaloes 21 at Argonaut Mustangs 43 FINAL

Bret Harte Bullfrogs 7 at Calaveras 45  FINAL

Sonora Wildcats 37 at Summerville Bears 27 FINAL

Central California Athletic Association

Big Valley Chr Lions 32 at Turlock Chr Eagles  7  

Stone Ridge Chr. Knights at Sierra Ridge Rams, 1 pm


Pioneer Patriots 35 at Millennum Falcons 13 FINAL

1Q: Millennium 61yd TD by Isaiah Woods

3Q; Millennium’s Elijah Tate TD





Pacheco Panthers 35 at Edison Vikings 59 FINAL

1Q: Pacheco’s Aric Barton 7 yard TD.  Edison QB Davis Reya-Ruiz  keeper for TD, missed PAT.  Edison’s Marcos Rodriguez 22-yard fumble return for TD.   Pacheco’s Julian Moran one-yard TD dive.

2Q Pacheco’s Aric Barton starts second quarter with 3 yard TD run. Edison’s TD pass from Reya-Ruiz to Hassani Zachary. Edison’s Davis Reya Ruiz 42-yd TD pass to Isaiah Evans.

3Q Edison 6 yard TD run by Gabriel Lowe. Edison’s Jordan Whatley 2 yard TD run. Edison 61 yard TD pass to Evans. Edison’s Frankie Lyle takes pitch from QB and runs 16yds for TD.

4Q: Edison scores 48th straight point Isaiah Evans 33 yd run for TD on reverse. Pacheco’s Isaiah Gaxiola TD ru .


Valley Oak League

Sierra Timberwolves 7 at Central Catholic Raiders 48 FINAL

East Union Lancers 20 at Kimball Jaguars 7 FINAL

2Q: EU’s JoJo Espinosa 2-yard TD run.

4Q: Kimball TD. EU’s RayLAN Carter 82 yard TD Run.  EU’S Levi Huffman 99 yard interception for TD.

Lathrop Spartans 0 at Manteca Buffaloes 50 FINAL

1Q: Manteca TD

2Q: Manteca TD. Manteca’s QB Gino_Campiotti TD.

3Q Manteca’s Trabron Russell runs the opening 2nd half kickoff in for TD.. Lathrop fumbles the ensuing kick off. Manteca recovers and Seth Owings scores.

4Q: More Manteca scores.

Oakdale Mustangs 59 at Weston Ranch Cougars 18 FINAL

Central California Conference

Golden Valley Cougars 22 vs. Buhach Colony Thunder 36 FINAL

Atwater Falcons 13 vs. Merced Bears 44. FINAL

1Q: Merced TD

2Q: Atwater’s Deleon 3-yard TD run.

3Q: Merced’s Gilliam 23-yard TD run, his third of the game. Merced’s Ronnie Miranda with a 45 yard interception for TD.

4Q: Merced’s Gilliam gets 4th TD.

El Capitan Gauchos 16 at Turlock Bulldogs 64 FINAL

1Q: EC’s Manzo 28 field goal. Turlock’s Jonah Kosakeiwicz 15 yd TD. Turlock’s Dom Nunes 54 punt return for TD.

2Q Turlock’s Curtis 11-yard TD run. Turlock’s Mark Flores 3 yd TD. EC’s Moreno 16 yd TD.

3Q: Turlock’s Gutierrez 2 yd TD.

4Q: EC’s Reid to Greggains 26 yard TD. Turlock’s Nunes 8 yard TD.

Modesto Metro Conference

Beyer Patriots 44 at Johansen Vikings 14 FINAL

Enochs Eagles 10 at Downey Knights 28 FINAL

1Q: Downey TD..

3Q Enochs 45-yard field goal.  Downey’s QB Bryce Peterson hits Anderson Grover from 35 yards out for TD.

4Q Downey’s Bryce Peterson pass to Jairol Harris-Red for 18-yard TD.

Modesto Panthers 41 vs. Davis Spartans 14  FINAL

Southern League

Le Grand Bulldogs 20 at Denair Coyotes 63 FINAL

1Q: Denair TDs.

2Q: Denair TDs. LeGrand TD..

Gustine Reds 34 at Delhi Hawks 17 FINAL

Orestimba Warriors 41 at Mariposa Grizzlies 8 FINAL

Ripon Christian Knights 28 at Waterford Wildcats 7 FINAL

1Q: Waterford’s Vivo passed 41 yds to Stout for TD. PAT Good.  RC’s Michael Kamps 8-yard TD run.

3Q RC’s Dale Fisher interception deep in Waterford territory leads to a Kamps rushing TD.  RC’s Dillon Zuidervaart gets interception deep in Waterford territory, leads to a Ozenbaugh to McGovern passing TD.

4Q RC’s Michael  Kamps scores his 3rd TD of the game on a 6 yard run.

Mother Lode League

Argonaut Mustangs 7 at Calaveras Redskins 27 FINAL

1Q: Calaveras’ Cesar Vazquez TD.  Calaveras’ Kyle Byrd TD.  Calaveras Tanner Jones TD.

Sonora Wildcats 49 at Amador Buffaloes 21 FINAL

Linden Lions 6 at Summerville Bears 57

Central California Athletic Association

Big Valley Christian Lions 48 at Sierra Ridge Rams 8

Stone Ridge Christian Knights 45, Turlock Christian Eagles 0

Non-League Games

Millennium Falcons 58 at Riverbank Bruins 30 FINAL

1Q: Riverbank TD.

2Q Millennium’s Isaiah Woods and Jenoah Gandall both score TDs.  Isaiah Woods 36yd TD run.  Riverbank TD.  Isaiah Woods  79yd TD run.

3Q: Riverbank blocks punt and picks it up for TD.

4Q:Millennium’s Isaiah Woods sprints 32yds up the sideline to move the ball , and Jenoah Gandall takes it the last 8 for TD.  Riverbank 63 yard TD run.  Millennium’s Tucker pass to J. Johnson for TD.   JaJuan Tucker w/a pitch to Isaiah Woods who takes it 45yds, scoring his 4th TD on the nigh.

Stagg Delta Kings 7 vs. Christian Bros. Falcons 52 FINAL

1Q: CB’s Faulk pass to Webb on 4th down for 10 yard TD

2Q: Stagg’s Desmond Rodriguez pass to Dominique James for 18 yard TD.  CB’s Tyler Green 20 yard TD

Franklin Yellowjackets 34 at Galt Warriors 28 FINAL AFTER OT

1Q: Galt TD. Franklin TD..


Bear Creek Bruins 29 vs. Lodi Flames 52 FINAL

Patterson Tigers 54 at Liberty Lions 28 FINAL

1Q: Patterson’s Alan Godinez field goal.

2Q Liberty TD run. Patterson scores 28 points in a row.

4Q Patterson’s kicker Alan Godinez 47 yard Field Goal.

STATS: Patterson QB Gabe Sánchez 17-26 356 passing yards, 5 TDs

Chowchilla Redskins 0 at Los Banos Tigers 28 FINAL

1Q: LB’s Castillo 3 yard TD s out.

4Q: LB’s Caballero TD from a yard out.

Bret Harte Bullfrogs 6 at Winters Warriors 34





St. Mary’s Rams 14 vs. Mater Dei Monarchs 52

Halftime score


Central Catholic Raiders 31 at Manteca Buffaloes 14 FINAL

1Q: CC’s Kyle Jackson in the QB keeper for TD. Manteca’s Jacob DeJesus 11 yard TD pass from Gino Campiotti; Campiotti PAT.

2Q CC’s Dauson Booker 55yd TD run. CC’s Emilio Guajardo 42 yard TD pass from soph Kyle Jackson (Juarez kick good) .

3Q CC’s Dauson Booker races 81 yards for 2nd TD of the night. Manteca’s Gino Campiotti 32-yd TD run on designed QB run. Campiotti PAT kick

4Q CC’s Dane Juarez 27yd FG.


Valley Oak League

Weston Ranch Cougars 18 at Lathrop Spartans 36 FINAL

Oakdale Mustangs 42 at East Union Lancers 6 FINAL

1Q Oakdale’s Josh Jacobson 1 yard TD carry.

2Q Oakdale’s Cherry 4 yd TD run.

4Q EU’s Joseph Espinosa runs for TD.

Kimball Jaguars 7 at Sierra Timberwolves 28 FINAL

1Q: Sierra’s Redd 65 yard TD run.

2Q Sierra’s Duran 4 yard TD run.

4Q Kimball 23 yard TD pass. Sierra’s Duran 56 yard TD rush.

Central California Conference

El Capitan Gauchos 31 at Golden Valley Cougars 0 FINAL

Merced Bears 47 vs. Pitman Pride 50 FINAL

1Q: Pitman’s P Bass 35 yard TD. Merced TD.

3Q Merced’s Warren to Morales 50-yard touchdown.  Pitman 53 yard run for TD.  Pitman 7-yard TD run and 1 yard TD run.

4Q Pitman’s Bass scored sixth TDs for the game.

Turlock Bulldogs 21 vs. Buhach Colony Thunder 10 FINAL

1Q: Turlock’s Tyler Etharidge  3 yd TD, Pat blocked.

2Q BC gets fumble, results in 1 yard  TD by Clay Abrams and PAT by Solomon Her.  BC’s Her 36 yard fg on last play of half.

3Q Turlock’s Jordan Porter 85 yd TD kickoff return; 2 point conversion run by Dominic Nunes good.

4Q Turlock’s Eatheridge runs 2 yards for TD; PAT by Dallin Tilby good.

Modesto Metro Conference

Davis Spartans 7 vs. Downey Knights 54 FINAL

1Q: Downey second interception and J Wilson 5 yd TD for Downey, 2 pt coversion good. Downey’s Gamez 80 yd TD pass from B Peterson, PAT good. Downey TD, PAT good. Downey’s B Peterson 1 yd TD plunge

Gregori Jaguars 42 vs. Beyer Patriots 14 FINAL

2Q: Beyer QB Ben Polack pass to Jacob Flores for a 10-yard TD.

Johansen Vikings 6 vs. Modesto Panthers 41

Mother Lode League

Calaveras Redskins 50 at Sonora Wildcats 59 FINAL

Linden Lions 13 at Amador Buffaloes 45 FINAL

Argonaut Mustangs 35 at Bret Harte Bullfrogs 14 FINAL

Southern League

Delhi Hawks 14 at Mariposa Grizzlies 22 FINAL

Gustine Redskins 42 at Denair Coyotes 28 FINAL

Ripon Christian Knights 0 at Orestimba Warriors 40 FINAL

2Q: Orestimba throws double pass for TD.

Waterford Wildcats 42 at Le Grand Bulldogs 0 FINAL

1Q Michael Vivo 46 yard punt return for TD.
2Q Adams 18 yard TD pass from Vivo.  Vivo 37 yard punt return for TD.

3Q Kyle Brown 55 yard TD run.
4Q Hughes 6 yard TD pass from Vivo.  Stout 20 yard TD pass from Vivo.

STATS: Vivo had 3 passing TDs and two punt returns for TDs, with 121 return yds, 224 receiving yds, and 24 rush yds.  RB Kyle Brown over 100 yards rushing for 2nd Week in a row. Kicker David Sanchez 5/5 PAT and all kicks inside 15 yard line for superb field position.

Central California Athletic Association

Millennium Falcons 6 at Big Valley Christians Lions 23 FINAL

Brookside Chr. Knights 6 vs. Stone Ridge Chr. Knights 28 FINAL

Non-League Games

West Wolfpack 14  vs. Central Valley Hawks 31 FINAL

2Q: CV’s Vince Bocanegra gets safety.  CV’s Jimenez pass to Palecek gets 10 yd TD.  West’s #77 gets 61 yd pick 6.  CV’s Estevan Barragan scores from 4 yards out on the last play of 1st half.

3Q CV’s Jimenez 7 yard TD pass to Palecek.  West 15-YD TD.

4Q CV’s Barragan 11 yd TD run.

Lodi Flames 20 at Edison Vikings 35 FINAL

3Q: Lodi TD on 50 yard QB keeper

Livingston Wolves 10 at Hilmar Yellowjackets 21 FINAL

Liberty Ranch Hawks 0 at Hughson Huskies 6 FINAL

Escalon Cougars 21 at Patterson Tigers 31 FINAL

1Q: Patterson’s Gabe Sánchez rushing TD, PAT by Alan Godinez. Sánchez to Joe Otikutunda TD. Gabe Sánchez on the QB keeper for a TD, Pat is good.

4Q Patterson’s Phabian Portillo 1 yd TD run. Patterson 37 yard FG by Godinez.

Turlock Christian Eagles 8 at Riverbank Bruins 34 FINAL

McNair Eagles 47 vs. Tokay Tigers 3 FINAL

2Q: McNair WR Andrew Hem scores on 20 yard pass

Lincoln Trojans 21 at Vintage Crushers 24 FINAL

1Q Lincoln’s Quinton Gaines with 1 rush TD and 1 pass TD.

Halftime stat: Lincoln’s Quinton Gaines passed for 246 yards in the first half, completing passes to eight receivers..

Oakland Wildcats 26 at Chavez Titans 41 FINAL

Fortuna Huskies 34 at Mountain House Mustangs 19

Modesto Christian Crusaders 28 at Immanuel Eagles 31 FINAL

1Q: Immanuel 46 yd TD rush by Chris Gurrola.

2Q MC’s Sauser hits Hanson for 40 yd TD

Sutter Huskies 36 at Ripon Indians 6 FINAL

Tracy Bulldogs 21 at Liberty Lions 24 FINAL

1Q: Tracy’s Logan Fife 3 yard TD run.


Ceres Bulldogs 20, Atwater Falcons 38 FINAL

Game Notes: Atwater snaps a 13-game losing streak, with the previous win coming in 2015, when it beat crosstown rival Buhach Colony in the regular-season finale … Atwater free safety Darius Hyde’s interception at his own goal line, when Ceres was within 11 points in the fourth quarter, sealed the win … Atwater sophomore Charles Jackson had TD runs of 77, 81 and 56 yards …

1Q: Atwater – #31 Charles Jackson with a 77 Yd Rushing TD. Ceres 7, Atwater 12

2Q: Atwater – #33 Jose Bautista with a 75 Yd Rushing TD. Ceres 7, Atwater 18 … Atwater – #31 Charles Jackson with a 80 Yd Rushing TD. Ceres 7, Atwater 24 … Ceres – #5 Felipe Martinez 20 Yd pass completed to #31 Brock Dewitt for a TD. Ceres 14, Atwater 24

3Q: Atwater – #31 Charles Jackson with a 44 Yd Rushing TD. Ceres 14, Atwater 31 … Ceres – #23 Andrew Gibson with a 49 Yd Rushing TD. Ceres 20, Atwater 31

4Q: Atwater – #32 Crisanto Perez with a 2 Yd Rushing TD. Ceres 20, Atwater 37




Pitman Pride 20 at Downey Knights 41  FINAL

1Q: Downey sophomore Ethan Difuntorum 40 yard INT return for TD and QB Bryce Peterson runs in 2ptr.

2Q Pitman RB Antonio Reyes busts into end zone from 15 yards and PAt kick is good. Pitman RB Jacob Partida 1 yd TD run and kick.  Long pass to Downey’s UCLA-commit Isaiah Johnson to the 1, and Bryce Peterson TD keeper.  Downey’s Jordan Wilson 5 yard TD run. Pitman’s Jacob Partida 8 yd TD run.

3Q Downey QB Bryce Peterson 12 TD pass to Anderson Grover, same hookup for 2 ptr.  Downey’S Miles Lewis 3yd TD run and PAT kick is good.

4Q Downey’s Miles Lewis runs in TD from the 9.


Gregori Jaguars 34 at McNair Eagles 8 FINAL 

2Q: Gregori TD pass.  Gregori TD pass to #85 Sanchez.

First Half stats: Gregori QB Bobby Avina, 9 of 17, 140 yards and 2 TDs with one pick.

3Q Gregori TD

Beyer Patriots 35 at Atwater Falcons 6 FINAL

Buhach Colony Thunder 37 at Pacheco Panthers 30 FINAL

1Q: BC’s Dickson 60-yard TD run on the third play of the game. Modesto’s Aric Barton 16 yard TD.

2Q: BC’s Quirarte 1-yard TD run. Pacheco soccer star Rodolfo Rivera with a 42-yard FG to end the half.

3Q Pacheco’s Aric Barton TD..

4Q Pacheco’s Barton to Levario for 45 yard TD.  Buhach 80-yard TD run by Long.

Union Mine Diamondbacks 12 at Calaveras Redskins 40 FINAL

1Q; Calaveras’ Kyle Byrd 17-yard TD pass to Shad Nordahl. Kyle Byrd 22-yard TD pass to Chance Norton.

Johansen Vikings 13 at Ceres Bulldogs 41 FINAL

East Union Lancers 41 at West Wolfpack 20 FINAL

1Q: West’s Yannick Reffell 1-yard TD keeper on fourth down. EU’s Raylan Carter 55 yard TD run.

2Q EU 20 yard TD pass from Espinosa to Sanchez.  West 1 yard TD by QB Ruffell. EU’s QB Alex Kukor 12 yd TD run

3Q. EU 4 yard TD run by Alex Alexander

4Q EU’s Alex Kukor 56 yard TD run. (Kukor 199 yards rushing in game.)

Central Valley Hawks 6 at Enochs Eagles 14 FINAL

1Q: No scores.

2Q: Enochs scores from 8 yd out on the QB keeper.

3Q Enochs scoops up a CV fumble and takes it in for a 19 yd TD.

4Q CV’s Estevan Barragan 1 yd TD Hawks.

Modesto Christian Crusaders 42 at Gustine Redskins 21 FINAL

1Q MC’s Xavier Carlton catches 37 yd TD pass from Hayden Sauser. PAT missed.

2Q; Daniel Rowlett catches a 47 yd  TD pass for Gustine TD. MC’s Davion Gates TD pass by Hayden Sauser; 2pt conversion good.  MC’s QB Sauser hits Rory Hanson for 33 yd TD. PAT is good.

4Q MC’s Paul Puaauli scores from 3 yds out. Gustine’s Rowlett hits Flores for a 59 yd TD pass TD.

Lincoln Trojans 41 at Golden Valley Cougars 14 FINAL

3Q: GV’s Jack Solis 80 yard TD pass to Rodney Evans.

Davis Spartans 0 at Ripon Indians 46 FINAL

1Q: Ripon’s Andrew Daggett 35-yard TD pass to Michael Winters

2Q Ripon’s Roland Davis 10 yard TD run. Michael Winters runs 9 yards for a TD for Ripon.  Justin Hansen 10 yard touchdown.

3Q Ripon’s Riley Machado 10 yard TD run.

4Q Syd Gall 6 yard TD run

Hilmar Yellowjackets 13 at Sonora Wildcats 20 FINAL

1Q: Hilmar’s Crowley TD from 7 yard line, PAT by Milan. Hilmar 6-yard TD pass to C. Azevedo.

Summerville Bears 28 at Hughson Huskies 20 FINAL

1Q Hughson’s Cameron Ellak 2 yard TD run. Summerville’sDominic Esquivel 15 yard TD run, Kyle McCarver PAT.
2Q Summerville’s Luke Fulkerson pass to Gabe Walker for 23 yard TD, Kyle McCarver PAT.
3Q Summerville’s Dominic Esquivel returns kickoff for 82 yard TD, Kyle McCarver PAT

4Q Hughson’s Carlos Arreola 3 yard TD run. Hughson’s Josh Megee pass to Damien Contreras for 23 yard TD, 2-point conversion by Carlos Arreola. Summerville’s Luke Fulkerson 7 yard TD run, Kyle McCarver PAT.

Tokay Tigers 58 at Chavez Titans 40 FINAL

1Q: Tokay 65-yard TD by Cory Glasgow (who had 115 yards on two carries early in the game).

2Q Luke Millan 2 yard TD for Tokay.  Daniel Garlick 23-yard TD pass Nick Elliott.  Safety scored by Tokay.

3Q Chavez 32-yard TD pass from George Romero Robinson in screen from Giovanni Gonzalez. Chavez’ Cesar Celio with an interception. Tokay’s Larry Thornton with an INT and 47-yard return. Tokay’s Ralph Martinez gets an INT.  Tokay’s Cory Glasgow a 12-yard TD.  Chavez’ Jamel Fullard with about an 80-yard kickoff return TD.

Tracy Bulldogs 55 at Kimball Jaguars 0 FINAL

1Q: Tracy QB Logan Fife and receiver Xavier Moore connect for  2 TDs in 1Q.

2Q: Tracy 39 TD pass to Jaylen Smith. Xavier Moore 3rd TD. Xavier Moore 4th TD in first half.

3Q Tracy’s Bejines 5yd QB keeper.

Modesto Panthers 7 at Turlock Bulldogs 14 FINAL

1Q: Turlock’s Mark Flores 4 yd TD, Dallin Tillby’s PAT is good. Turlock’s Jonah Kosakeiwicz pass to Cameron Sherwood for 10 yard TD, PAT byDallin Tilby.

2Q:  Modesto’s N Howard pass to C Styles 79-yard TD pass on last play of half, PAT by A. Blom.

4Q Turlock interception by Jordan Porter.

Edison Vikings 19 at Heritage Patriots 49 FINAL

3Q: Hassani Zackery 2 yard TD for Edison.

El Capitan Gauchos 41 at King’s Academy Knights 35 OT FINAL 

Dos Palos Broncos 22 at Los Banos Tigers 49 FINAL

1Q: DP field goal.

2Q LB’s Caballero TD pass to Castillo. LB’s Lopez 44 yard TD.

4Q LB’s Caballero to Calderon for 70 yard TD out.

Escalon Cougars 42 at Liberty Ranch Hawks 6 FINAL

1Q: Escalon 71-yard punt return for TD..

2Q Second TD by Escalon’s Elliott Mello. Third TD for Mello, thanks to INT that set up score.

Mountain House Mustangs 26 at Livingston Wolves 20 FINAL

3Q: Livingston’s Anderson Guzman TD from 4 yards out, capping off a 99 yard drive.

Linden Lions 6 at Le Grand Bulldogs 21 FINAL

1Q LG Joshua Maldonado 88 yard fumble recovery for TD, PAT by Elio Garcia. Linden’s R. Reed 3 yard TD run, PAT blocked.
4Q LG’s Elijah Hernandez 26-yard TD pass from Marcus Burrola, PAT by Garcia. LG’s Guillermo Sanchez 65-yard fumble recovery for TD, PAT BY Garcia.

Lathrop Spartans 0 at Franklin Wildcats 56 FINAL

Merced Bears 42 at Madera Coyotes 48 FINAL

Orestimba Warriors 49 at Esparto Spartans 0 FINAL

Turlock Chr. Eagles 0 at Waterford Wildcats 36 FINAL

Millennium Falcons 0 at Rio Vista Rams 47 FINAL

Stone Ridge Chr. Knights 31 at Denair Coyotes 19 FINAL

Vallejo Apaches 23 at Bear Creek Bruins 39   FINAL

Brookside Chr. Knights  46 at Arroyo Eagles 13 FINAL

Mariposa Grizzlies 14 at Yosemite Badgers 40 FINAL

Franklin Yellowjackets 36 at Florin 14 FINAL

Johnson Warriors 8 at Big Valley Christian Lions 29 FINAL

Riverbank Bruins 20 at California School for the Deaf 41 FINAL

Highlands Scots 28 at Bret Harte Bullfrogs 21 FINAL


Argonaut Mustangs 34 vs. St. Bonaventure 47 FINAL


St. Mary’s Rams 42 at Cosumnes Oaks 21 FINAL

St. Mary’s RB Dusty Frampton ran for more than 300 yards and scored 4 TDs


Stagg Delta Kings 38 at Lodi Flames 29 FINAL

1Q: Lodi’s Logan Stout 75-yard pass to Trey Reese … Stagg’s RB Lee Webb 18 yard run … Lee Webb 12 yard run, Stagg 14-7

2Q: Stagg’s Lee Webb with his 3rd TD, this one from 8 yards. Stagg 21-7. Delta Kings have forced 3 turnovers with 10:00 left in the first half … Stagg’s got a kicker, Ricardo Cazarez boots a 30-year field goal and Stagg leads 24-7 at halftime. Been a big first first half for Stagg’s elusive Lee Webb, who has 3 TDs in the half – one from The Wildcat. He has run for 100-plus yards on 15 carries

3Q: Webb runs for his 4th TD of the night, this one from 30 yards for a 31-7 Delta Kings lead early in the quarter … Lodi QB Logan Stout and Trey Reese combine for their 2nd TD, this one from 5 yards, Lodi 31-13 at 6:00 3Q … Lodi QB Stout runs for a 10-0yard TD and scores the 2pt PAT and Lodi is within 31-21 at the end of the quarter

4Q: Lee Webb 10 yard pass TO Dominic James and Stagg leads 38-21 with 7 minutes to play … Lodi’s Stout throws 32 yard TD to Jack Hayes and the 2pt conversion cuts Stagg lead to 38-29.



Folsom Bulldogs 45 at Oakdale Mustangs 29 FINAL

1Q: Oakdale’s Marc Dickson 65-yard TD pass to Hunter Falconi;  PAT good.

2Q; Folsom’s 26-yard FG good. Folsom 1 yard TD run on fourth down by Brandon Rupchock. Folsom’s Parker Clayton 20yd TD pass from Kaiden Bennett.

3Q Folsom’s Kaiden Bennett 6yd TD run. Oakdale’s Josh Jacobson 8yd TD run.

4Q Folsom’s Joe Nqata 67 yard TD catch down right side from Kaiden Bennett. Folsom’s Elijah Badger 12 TD pass from Kaiden Bennett.  Oakdale TD Cameron Cherry 80 yard run, 2 point run by Marc Dickson.  Folsom’s Brandon Rapchuck 20 yard TD run. Oakdale’s Marc Dickson 20 yard pass to Cameron Cherry for TD.


Calaveras Redskins 42 at Modesto Christian Crusaders 7 FINAL

1Q: MC’s Davion Gates rushes 11 yds for touchdown; PAT is good. Calaveras’ Tanner Joses 28 yard TD run.

2Q Calaveras’ Logan Weatherby 1-yd TD. PAT is good. Calaveras’Joses 22 yd TD. PAT is good. Calaveras’ Byrd hits Arledge for 22 yd TD. PAT is good .

Central Valley Hawks 35  vs. Davis Spartans 28 FINAL

1Q: CV’s Ryan Palecek picks off an interception for a 61-yd TD. Davis field goal. After a Mark Ramirez interception, CV capitalizes with a 31 yd TD run by Estevan Barragan. Davis field goal.

2Q CV’s Barragan 1 yd TD run.

3Q Davis TD.

4Q Davis TD.. CV’s Miguel Jimenez hits Estevan Barragan on a 68 yd TD .  Davis TD..

Buhach Colony Thunder 28 at Clovis North Broncos 21 FINAL 

Downey Knights 61 at Tokay Tigers 25 FINAL

1Q: A 99-yard drive ends with Cory Glasgow 40 yard TD run. Downey 40 yd TD by A. Grover, 2pt conversion good.

2Q: Tokay 37yd field goal by D Ramirez . Downey 5 yard TD, 2pt TD conversion by B Peterson.

4Q Tokay TD run by Nathan Branco. Downey TD run by J Wilson and Reyes with PAT. Pick six by Downey’s L Harris and PAT good,

Johansen Vikings 6 at East Union Lancers 48 FINAL

1Q: EU’s Levi Huffman 14 yard TD run.

2Q: EU’s JoJo Espinosa 64-yard TD pass to Andrew Sena .

Golden Valley Cougars 7 at Los Banos Tigers 27 FINAL

2Q: LB’s Antonio Lopez scores third TDs, including one from 73 yards out.

4Q LB’s Caballero 1 yard TD

Manteca Buffaloes 41 at Enochs Eagles 0 FINAL

1Q: Manteca TD.  Manteca TD pass to Matthew Ender.  Manteca TD and 2 point conversation run by Michael Frisbee.

McNair Eagles 27 at Merced Bears 41 FINAL

1Q: Merced’s Andre Barnett TD. McNair’s Andrew Hem weaves his way to the end zone for TD to tie Merced 7-7 in first quarter

Orestimba Warriors 24 at El Molino Lions 7 FINAL

1Q: Orestimba’s Bettencourt throws 30-yard pass to Sheldon. Tymone Bolden two TDs.

2Q Orestimba field goal.

3Q El Molino TD.

Elk Grove Thundering Herd 48 at Lincoln Trojans 21 FINAL

1Q: Lincoln recovers fumble on opening kickoff, and then Alexander Chrim turns it into a 2 yard TD run. Elk Grove QB Jake Jordan scampers 47 yards on third down then 16 yards for TD. EG’s Jordan 6 yard TD run.

Escalon Cougars 27 at Liberty-Madera 33 FINAL

Gregori Jaguars 35 at El Capitan Gauchos 6 FINAL

1Q: Gregori 2-yard TD run; PAT is good.

2Q: Gregori 2-yard TD run by M. Medrano. PAT good.

Hilmar Yellowjackets 24 at Gustine Redskins 30 FINAL

Hughson Huskies 33 at Ceres Bulldogs 34 FINAL

1Q: Hughson two running TDs by Arreola.

Kimball Jaguars 10 at West Wolfpack 20 FINAL

Le Grand Bulldogs 0 at Livingston Wolves 41 FINAL

1Q: Livingston’s Anderson Guzman 4 yard TD.

Lodi Flames 26 at Chavez Titans 22 FINAL

4Q Chavez 92-yard kick off return for TD.

Sierra Timberwolves 27 at Pacheco Panthers 42 FINAL

1Q: no scores

2Q: Pacheco’s Shane Barton 3 yard TD. Sierra’s Redd  64 yd rush for a TD.  Sierra 2 yd TD run by Duran! PAT no good. Pacheco’s Aric Barton 67 yard touchdown run.

3Q Pacheco’s Barton 62-yard TD.. Pacheco’s Barton TD pass to Zambrano; two point pass from Shane to Levario. Sierra 80-yard TD play and 2pt conversion.

4Q Shane Barton TD for Pacheco. Another Shane Barton TD

Pleasant Grove 29 at Pitman Pride 28  OT FINAL


Sonora Wildcats 48 at Ripon Indians 33 FINAL

1Q: Sonora’s Jake Gookin 37-yard TD pass to Kane Rodgers. Ripon’s Ryan Daggett 71-yard TD pass to sophomore Dorian Dougherty. Kick missed.

4Q Ripon 65 yard TD pass from Dagget to Roland Davis. Sonora’s Kane Rogers TD.  Ripon’s Roland Davis 57 TD.  Sonora’s Jack Camara 50yd  TD run up. Ripon’s Machado 10 yard TD run.

Central Catholic Raiders 20 at St. Mary’s Rams 7 FINAL

1Q: CC’s Booker 3-yard TD dive after Raiders D gets a sack and fumble recovery.

2Q:  CC’s fullback Coleby Garrett 2-yard TD plunge. CC’s Chris Mendoza sacks Rams QB Aponte to end first half.

3Q St. Mary’s Marcus Aponte to Jamar Marshall for a 54-yard TD screen pass.

Stone Ridge Christian Knights 40 at Riverbank Bruins 0 FINAL

Summerville Bears 42 at Ripon Christian Knights 30 FINAL

2Q: After an INT return to the 10, Summerville scores the first points of the game on a 10 yard run.  RC’s Michael Kamps dives for TD  after Max Steele’s 46 yd reception gets Knights to the goal line. Andrew Vander Weide kick is good.

4Q RC Willem Hoekstra finishes off a long RC drive with 2 yard TD dive. RC Mark Ozenbaugh TD pass to Michael Kamps.

Turlock Bulldogs 22 at Tracy Bulldogs 29 FINAL

1Q;  Tracy’s Sarsfield 12 yd TD. Turlock’s Tyler Etharidge 46 yd TD; missed PAT. Tracy’s Alvarado 18 yd TD; PAT blocked

2Q Tracy gets safety.

3Q Turlock’s Kosakeiwicz 2 yard TD pass to Gutierrez, PAT no good .  Turlock’s Tilby 21 FG.  Turlock’s Etharidge 5 yd TD .

4Q Tracy’s Fife to Reyes 23 yard TD.  Tracy’s Fife to Vasquez 23 yard TD.

Waterford Wildcats 7 at Mountain House Mustangs 32 FINAL

Bear Creek Bruins 51 at Weston Ranch Cougars 53 FINAL

Edison Vikings 61 at Beyer Patriots 56 FINAL

Galt Warriors 18  at Linden Lions 8 FINAL

Fremont Tigers 42 at Delhi Hawks 21 FINAL

Laguna Creek Cardinals 17 at Stagg Delta Kings 21 FINAL

Big Valley Christian Lions 28 at Fresno Christian 27 FINAL

Argonaut Mustangs 0 at Colfax Falcons 35 FINAL

Liberty Ranch Hawks 45 at Franklin Yellowjackets 20 FINAL

Minaret’s 14 at Mariposa Grizzlies 35 FINAL

Sierra Ridge Rams 0 at Yerington-Nevada 47 FINAL

Bret Harte Bullfrogs 47 at Golden Sierra Grizzlies 29 FINAL

Delta Charter Saints 0 at Amador Buffaloes 56 FINAL


Denair Coyotes 27 at Millennium Falcons 24 FINAL



Patterson Tigers 34 at Modesto Panthers 21 FINAL

1Q: Modesto’s QB RJ Berumen throws 19-yard TD pass to Connor Cruce. PAT by Annika Blom good. Patterson QB Gabe Sanchez 32-yard TD pass to Joe Okitukunda, and Allen Godinez kicks in PAT. Modesto’s Zaire Eugene scores on 80-yard TD. Modesto’s Normal Howard recovers fumble, but Panthers later miss FG attempt.

3Q Pick Six for Patterson’s Nate Garcia on a 46-yard TD interception and run back to tie the game.  Modesto’s Norvale Howard goes 56 yards for TD. Patterson’s James Perez 69-yard TD pass from Gabe Sanchez. Patterson’s Nate Garcia with his 2nd pick 6, this time he went 72 yards for TD.

4Q Patterson’s Phabian Portillo 1-yard TD. PAT blocked.




Modesto Panthers 28 at Stagg-Stockton Delta Kings 6 FINAL

3Q Modesto’s Norvale Howard 45 yard TD pass to Chris Styles..

4Q Modesto’s Zaire Eugene 70yd TD run down left side.


Mariposa Grizzlies 12 at Summerville Bears 28 FINAL

Summerville’s Luke Fulkerson and Dominic Esquivel each scored 2 rushing TDs. Bears now 2-0


Beyer-Modesto Patriots 21 at Golden Valley-Merced Cougars 13 FINAL

Calaveras-San Andreas Redskins 28 at Escalon Cougars 14 FINAL

Ceres Bulldogs 14 at East Union Lancers 47 FINAL

1Q EU’s Raylan Carter sprints 64 yards for TD on his first carry of the season.

2Q EU TDs .Ceres’ Josh Gonzales 14 yard TD pass from Dalton Durosette.

3Q EU’s Raylan Carter 52-yard TD run (four touches, 3 TDs and 188 yards so far for Carter)

Chavez-Stockton Titans 32 at Cordova Lancers 40 FINAL

Modesto’s Davis Spartans 49 at Stockton’s Franklin Yellowjackets 21 FINAL

Delhi Hawks 34 at Johansen-Modesto Vikings 28 FINAL

Downey-Modesto Knights 74 at Patterson Tigers 49 FINAL

2Q Patterson TD pass to Kendrick Bond. Tigers TD by James Perez.

El Capitan-Merced Gauchos 13 at Oakdale Mustangs 50 FINAL

1Q Oakdale’s Josh Jacobson TD from the 25 . Oakdale’s Bronson Harmon carries for a 12 yard TD.

2Q Oakdale’s Cameron Cherry scores on a 4 yard rush.  Oakdale 16 yard rushing TD by Josh Jacobson. Josh Jacobson 3 yard rushing TD.

3Q Cameron Cherry scores from 11 yards out.  Josh Jacobson scores from 7 yards out, his 4th TD of night.

4Q ElCap’s 1 yard TD by Alejandro Manzo.

Enochs-Modesto Eagles 31 at West-Tracy Wolfpack 0 FINAL

Galt Warriors 0 at Ripon Indians 49 FINAL

Gustine Reds 42 at Linden Lions 2 FINAL

Lathrop Spartans 13 at Hilmar Yellowjackets 35 FINAL

1Q Lathrop opening drive for TD.

2Q Hilmar’s Tristan Crowley 73-yard TD pass to Brian Milan.

4Q  Hilmar’s Tristan Crowley 12-yard TD pass to Carter Azevedo.

Lincoln-Stockton Trojans 47 at Pitman-Turlock Pride 40 FINAL

1Q Lincoln’s Will Jones TD run.

2Q Pitman TD. Lincoln 70-yard TD

Los Banos Tigers 42 at Liberty Ranch Hawks 34 FINAL

3Q Tigers’ Antonio Lopez TD 5 yards. Antonio Lopez have 67 yard TD run.

4Q Tigers’ Caballero TD pass to Calderon

Manteca Buffaloes 36 at Christian Brothers Falcons 35 FINAL

1Q Manteca’s Gino Campiotti scores on a 1-yard QB sneak and boots his own extra point.

2Q CB’s Spencer Webb has two TD catches from Gunnor Faulk.

3Q Manteca’s Trabon Russell 9-yard TD

4Q CB’s 5th touchdown pass from Faulk to Green. Mantca’s Campiotti TD pass to Keltner.  Campiotti 47-yard TD to Keltner as Manteca scores twice in 2 mins. Campiotti hits Keltner across his body throw gutsy 2 PT conversion.  Kyle Rachel’s interception for Manteca on the first CB snap. Buffs kneel and win.

Merced Bears 14 at Gregori Jaguars 35 FINAL

2Q Gregori 23-yard TD pass from Bobby Avina to Gabe Sanchez. Gregori’s Avina hits Brandon Azevedo with 25-yard TD pass.

Ripon Christian Knights 35 at Stone Ridge Christian Knights 6 FINAL

2Q  SR QB Bryce Louters TD pass.   RC’s Willem Hoekstra dives in from 1 yard out.

3Q RC’s Michael Kamps runs in TD from the 3.

Sierra-Manteca Timberwolves 20 at Central Valley Hawks 14 FINAL

1Q CV 3 yd TD run by Ryan Palecek. Sierra 75 yd TD run,

2Q After a successful fake punt, Sierra takes next play 54 yds for a TD.

3Q CV 33 yd TD pass from Miguel Jimenez to James Murphy, 2 pt good.

Sonora Wildcats 12 at Lodi Flames  27 FINAL

1Q Sonora QB Jake Gookin scores on 11-yard TD run.

2Q Lodi’s Trevor Schultz pulls down Tyler Rowland pass w/1 hand for 7-yard TD haul. Jake Hayes kick. Wildcats lost 2 of 4 fumbles. Last one led to 7-play, 85-yard TD drive for Flames, including a 34-yard Logan Stout run out of end zone after he avoided safety. TD on 5-yd pass Logan Stout pass to Trenton Diaz.

4Q  Logan Stout 22-yard TD

Sonora rushing leaders: Jack Camara 4-75, CJ Castleman 4-70, Kellen Phillips 5-40. . Flames QB Logan Stout rushes 10-63, runs & tosses TDs. Tyler Rowland & Michael Graumann each recover 2 fumbles.

St. Mary’s-Stockton Rams 48 at Cardinal Newman-Santa Rosa Cardinals 34 FINAL

Tokay-Lodi Tigers 45 at Bear Creek-Stockton Bruins 9 FINAL

1Q Tokay’s Cory Glasgow 80 yard TD untouched around left end.

2Q Tokay’s Joseph Heryford 96 yard pass from Daniel Garlic for TD. First half had 18 penalties..

Halftime stats: Lodi’s Ryan Glasgow has 182 yards & 3 tds on 7 carries

3Q BC 31 yard TD catch and run by Ethan George.

Turlock Bulldogs 14 at Clovis Cougars 13 FINAL

1Q Turlock’s Grein 88 yd interception for TD .

2Q Turlock’s Ruiz-Suarez 41 yd interception for TD.  Clovis TD.

Waterford Wildcats 13 at Hughson Huskies 25 FINAL

1Q Waterford 37 yard TD pass

Weston Ranch Cougars 13 at Edison-Stockton Vikings 77 FINAL

1Q Edison 25 yd pass to Hassani Zachery for TD.  Edison scores again on 72 yd pass to Zachery.  Edison 3 yd TD run by Whatley.

2Q Edison  6 yard TD run by Whatley. Weston Ranch 75-yard TD pass from Amier Bowen to Larry Fairbanks. Edison 76yd TD pass from Reya-Ruiz to H. Zackery.

Tracy Bulldogs 51 at Buhach Colony-Atwater Thunder 30 FINAL

1Q BC returns opening kickoff for TD.  Tracy TD.  Buhach TD and  2 point conversion .

2Q Tracy TD.  Tracy’s Moore 29-yard TD from Fife.

3Q Tracy opens second half with a TD and a 2 point conversion.

Turlock Christian Eagles 34 at Foresthill Wildfire 27 FINAL

Amador-Sutter Creek Buffaloes 20 at Livingston Wolves 25 FINAL

Atwater Falcons 35 at McNair-Stockton Eagles 36 FINAL

1Q A 37 yard TD pass to McNair’s #7. Eagles get the 2 point conversion

4Q McNair scores with 14 seconds left.

Elsie Allen-Santa Rosa at Millennium-Tracy Falcons CANCELLED

Capital Christian-Sacramento Cougars 36 at Modesto Christian Crusaders 33.   OT FINAL 

1Q MC’s Rory Hanson hits Kioa Long on a 35 yd TD pass. CC’s Christen Simmons TD from 1 yd out; 2pt pass conversion is good. MC’s Davion Gates with a long kickoff return. Unofficially 63 yds.  MC’s Rory Hanson pass hits Kioa Long for a 32 yd TD. MC’s Jose Hernandez recovers a fumble and runs in 37 yds for TD.  CC’s Trey Jones hits Khalil Foye on a 54 yd TD pass.

2Q CC’s Christen Simmons rushes 45 yds for TD.

4Q MC’s Paul Puaauli scores TD..

OT Kenyon Bowyer kicks a 20 yd FG to win the game.

Fremont-Oakland 70 at Brookside Christian-Stockton Bruins 0 FINAL

Heritage-Brentwood Patriots 48 at Pacheco-Los Banos Panthers 27 FINAL

2Q Pacheco’s Ronnie Garcia TD

3Q Pacheco’s Aric Barton run for a TD

4Q Pacheco’s Ordunez pass to Gaxiola  for 63 yard touchdown

Johnson-Sacramento Warriors 6 at Mountain House Mustangs 40 FINAL

Pacific Grove at Orestimba-Newman Warriors CANCELLED

Western Sierra 59 at Riverbank Bruins 50

Valley Christian-Roseville 0 at Big Valley Christian-Modesto Lions 36 FINAL


Central Catholic Raiders at Marin Catholic Wildcats CANCELLED

Delta Charter 0 at Sierra Ridge-San Andreas 48 FINAL


It’s opening night for high school football in The 209, and we’ve got the Yogurt Mill Friday Night Update Page ready to rock n’ roll. Check back with us frequently throughout the night, as we provide real-team scores, updates and notes.

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Valley Christian-San Jose Warriors 20 at Manteca Buffaloes 22 FINAL

1Q: Manteca’s Gino Campiotti 27yd TD pass to Kyle Rachels. Valley Christian RB Charlie Bostic 53yd TD run.

2Q Gino Campiotti third TD pass, this one to Kyle Rachels .

3Q: Valley Christian’s Charlie Bostoc 4yd TD on fourth down run.

4Q: VC’S Deangelo McKenzie 2yd TD after Buffaloes fumbled on the one.


Atwater Falcons 9 at Central Valley-Ceres Hawks 12 FINAL

1Q: Falcons D gets safety.

2Q: Hawks’ Miguel Jimenez to Carlos Rodriguez for a 29 yd TD. Missed PAT.

2Q: Hawks’ Estevan Barragan 44 yd TD run.

3Q:  Falcom Sophomore Charles Jackson 21 yard TD run. s for the Falcon touchdown!

Bear Creek-Stockton Bruins 35 at Davis-Modesto Spartans 42 FINAL

Ceres Bulldogs 48 at Weston Ranch Cougars 42 FINAL

Ceres Pass by Durossette with a 1 handed catch by David Nichols for TD. Nichols with the block punt, picks it up and runs in for the Ceres TD. Handoff to Gibson on counter play, he breaks a tackle for a 60 yard TD run. Ceres Felipe Martinez with the 1 yd TD run Ceres’ Durossette 19 yd TD pass to Gibson.

Chavez-Stockton Titans 12 at Mountain House Mustangs 33 FINAL

Denair Coyotes 6 at Summerville Bears 22 FINAL

Downey-Modesto Knights 58 vs. Buhach Colony Thunder 55 FINAL

1Q: Downey TD..

2Q: BC’s Sevilla scores TD on a nice fly sweep; 2 pt conversion good. BC’s Christian Quiarte with the 7 yd scamper for TD..  BC’s Isaiah Long’s 70-yard TD run. BC’s QB Clay Abrams scores from 7 yards out.  Downey RB Wilson TD from 40.

3Q: Downey QB Peterson scores on a 9 yd keeper. Johnson runs the 2 pt conversion in. Downey 2-yard TD run.

4Q: BC’s Quiarte TD run up the middle. The 2 pt conversion is good. BC scores, 2 pt conversion is good on a nice throw from Abrahams to Sevilla. Tied at 44 with 1:11 left.

OT: Downey scores after their first play and the 2 pt is good.  BC’s Abrahams on the 1 yd TD sneak; Abrahams to Sevilla for the 2pt. Tied

2nd OT: BC elects to kick a FG on 4th down, and it’s good. BC leads 55-52. Downey scores on 10 yard TD run to win.

 El Capitan-Merced Gauchos 24 at Calaveras-San Andreas Redskins 44 FINAL

1Q: Calaveras get safety. Calaveras TD. Calaveras TD.

3Q:  One yard TD run for Calaveras.  El Cap 28 yard TD pass Reid to Harrison. Calaveras’ Logan Weatherby TD

Enochs-Modesto Eagles 10 at Escalon Cougars 14 FINAL

Golden Valley-Merced Cougars 0 at Gregori-Modesto Jaguars 37 FINAL

Hilmar Yellowjackets 21 at Beyer-Modesto Patriots 14 FINAL

2Q: Tied at 7. Beyer TD..

3Q: Hilmar’s Sharp TD run.

4Q Hilmar’s Rentfro TD run.

Hughson Huskies 40 at Johansen-Modesto Vikings 18 FINAL

1Q: Hughson’s Cameron Ellak ran for three TDs — 2 yards,  7 yards and 7 yards. Hughson’s Johansen to Cameron Ellak for three touchdowns.

2Q Hughson’s Carlos Arreola 16 yard TD pass from Josh McGee.  Cameron Ellak 18 yard TD run. Carlos Arreola 60 TD yard run

3Q: Johansen’s Ivan James 4 yard TD pass from Antonio Ordaz.  Antonio Ordaz 4 yard TD run.

4Q: Johansen’s  Gustavo Velazquez 16 yard TD run.

Kimball Jaguars 7 at Livermore Cowboys 14 FINAL

Linden Lions 35 at Franklin-Stockton Yellowjackets 44 FINAL

1Q: Franklin TD. Linden’s Rowdy Reed 5-yard TD run

2Q: Christian Sanders TD again for Linden, this time a 40-yard run.

3Q: Linden’s Christian Sanders’ third rushing TD.  Franklin’s Nick Dominguez 9-yard TD catch from Julian Lopez .

4Q Dae’vonn Wilbon INT and runs in TD.

Livingston Wolves 28 at Delhi Hawks 31. FINAL

Los Banos Tigers 34 at Madera Coyotes 19 FINAL

2Q:LB’s Caballero to Castillo for 20 yard TD. s out.

4Q: LB 4th down TD run by Lopez. LB’s Caballero keeper for TD.

McNair-Stockton Eagles 14 at Franklin-Elk Grove Wildcats  40 FINAL

Modesto Christian Crusaders 14 at Modesto Panthers 26 FINAL

1Q: Modesto High TD pass for 46 yds from Berumen to Cruce. PAT is missed.

3Q: MoHi’s Daeveon Graves’ 4-yard TD run.

Oakdale Mustangs 47 at Sonora Wildcats 13 FINAL

1Q: Oakdale TD pass Dickson to Harmon.  Sonora TD. Oakdale’s Jacobson runs in TD. Oakdale TD

2Q Oakdale’s Cherry scores from the 1 yd line.  Long run for TD by Cherry. Sonora TD.

3Q: Cherry scores again Mustangs. Harmon with the long TD run for Mustangs.

Orestimba-Newman Warriors 48 at Mendota Aztecs 20 FINAL

Pitman-Turlock Pride 16 at Napa Indians 0. FINAL

1Q: Pitman’s Antonio Reyes returns the opening kickoff for TD. Pitman’s Vladimir Montejo with a 35 yard FG.

2Q Pitman 60 yard run by Jakob Partida for a TD after a big interception by Marcus Garza.

Ripon Indians 19 at Sierra-Manteca Timberwolves 7 FINAL

Ripon Christian Knights 42 at Millennium-Tracy Falcons 0 FINAL

1Q: RC’s Michael Kamps 32 yard TD sweep on the first possession! Vander Weide PAT is good.

Tokay-Lodi Tigers 14 at Heritage-Brentwood Patriots 38 FINAL

2Q: Heritage TD.

3q Fake FG gets Heritage TD.  Joseph Heryford 74-yard TD reception for Tokay. (Heryford 5 catches, 179 yards, 2 TDS for game.)

West-Tracy Wolfpack 16 at Lathrop Spartans 33 FINAL

1Q:Spartan TD.. Spartan TD.

2Q: West TD. West TD. Spartan TD.

Truckee Wolverines 61 at Bret Harte-Angels Camp Bullfrogs 7 FINAL

Riordan-SF Crusaders 7 at Central Catholic-Modesto Raiders 68 FINAL

Yosemite-Oakhurst Badgers 25 at Le Grand Bulldogs 0 FINAL

Madison Park-Oakland 0 at Riverbank Bruins 64 FINAL

Antioch Panthers  24 at Lincoln-Stockton Trojans 0 FINAL

1Q: Antioch 33 yd TD hookup Karnthong to Gaudie Campbell.

4Q: Lincoln’s Javon Brice’s pick and 47 yard return..

Madera South Stallions 14 at Pacheco-Los Banos Panthers 35 FINAL

1Q: Madera South with a 35 yard pick 6.

2Q: LB’s Barton on QB keeper for TD.

4Q: Pacheco’s Shane Barton 8 yard TD

Del Campo Cougars 41 at Merced Bears 14 FINAL

2Q: Domino tosses fourth TD of first half for Del Campo.

Fresno Christian 8 at Stone Ridge Christian-Merced Knights 37 FINAL

Palo Alto Vikings 27 at Patterson Tigers 37 FINAL

1Q: Patterson’s Gabe Sánchez with QB keeper for 31 yard TD Godínez Pat is good! Joe Otikitunda with the pick for the Tigers. Paterson’s Kendrick Bond, 12 yd TD run

4Q. Palo Alto TD on QB keeper,

Reno Huskies 44 at Stagg-Stockton Delta Kings 7 FINAL

San Ramon Valley Wolves 27 at Tracy Bulldogs 7 FINAL

Freedom-Oakley Falcons 34 at Turlock Bulldogs 16 FINAL

1Q: Turlock’s Dallin Tilby Tilby 26-yard field goal.

2Q Freedom’s Aguilar to Coston for 23 yard TD. Freedom FG.

3Q Freedom blocks punt recovery at Turlock 2. Jackson 2yd TD.

4Q: Jackson 30yd TD .  Turlock’s Jonah Kosakiewicz pass to Jordan Porter 29 yard TD. Freedom’s Joey Aguilar 55 yard TD throw to Baylei Coston

California School for the Deaf 46 at Turlock Christian Eagles 14 FINAL

Union Mine Diamondbacks 7, Amador-Sutter Creek Buffaloes 3 FINAL

Argonaut Mustangs 31, Mesa Verde Mavericks 0 FINAL

Rio Vista Rams 80, Brookside Christian-Stockton Knights 46 FINAL


Serra Padres 13, St. Mary’s-Stockton Rams, 34 FINAL

2Q:  Dusty Frampton 3-yard run and Rams go up 7-0 on the first play of the second quarter